Deric Lyon & Lauren Hayes | Photo site

This is still in-progress. Most are travel and hiking adventures; doing what we love most.

We love the great outdoors, adventures, and learning about new cultures. We have a huge appreciation of interesting, unique and/or beautiful scenery. This is not yet updated, and we have thousands more photos to post, comprising many more trips that have not made it onto our site yet.

What's on this gallery merely scratches the surface of a few trips. In time we will add additional, and edit out useless or redundant pics.

We are energized by reflecting and appreciating these amazing times, stunning scenery, and adventures we shared. Before a series of unfathomable injustices and tragic losses struck our lives, we normally enjoyed two major trips per year, and local weekend getaways and day-hikes, being active and outdoors whenever possible.

We are so grateful for the wonderful memories we now share, and the beautiful places we've experienced. We will always have them.

Now our efforts are refocused on rebuilding our lives and adjusting our expectations to what's realistic. It will take time, but perhaps we'll be pleasantly surprised. We still believe in the goodness of humanity.

Deric and Lauren are a strong and resilient team together. We usually push through tough challenges and overcome setbacks, emerging stronger and wiser in the long-run.

Life usually just has a way of working out.

Thanks for all who have been so supportive to us. We cannot possibly thank you enough!

As we share our cherished memories here, we get to appreciate them time and again. We hope you enjoy them too, and we thank you for all the feedback and encouraging words and stories.

Deric Lyon and Lauren Hayes